• What I stand for

    I have learned on my journey through life that to change your mind is to change your identity and move on. I have learned to distinguish when feelings are leading me on and when emotions are keeping me in my old coat. That there is a difference between when I say I will do something and when I declare and set an internal direction for what I want. How important it is to have a team around me to support me on my journey.


    I know that people carry with them the knnowing what they need or want. The key is to find the key to the chamber where this treasure is locked due to survival. My mission is to hold space for people on this journey with love, clarity, radicality and connection. This journey is simple and painful. It is important to know that pain does not mean suffering. Pain is pain. Just like muscles hurt when you laugh.

  • Spaces where we can meet

    Get ready and make the next step

    Do you feel like you need to move in a new direction on your journey? Do you feel like it's time to take the next step, you're just not sure what it is? Do you want to move a stone, an obstacle? Let's meet.

    Write me a message and I will schedule get to know call.

    Possiblity team

    Experimenting together on edge of modern culture

    Life is a big experiment and this small team is a concentrated space for us to experiment and try something completly different.

    PM Team Czech - online each 14 days on Saturday

    PM Team Schloss Glarisegg - offline each second Sunday

    Let's notice and share.

    Group, 30 min, space for bringing what you notice in the environment of communication on the surface, giving it name and bringing it to the space.

    Presencing - online meeting each Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

    Speak from heart and listen with heart

    Allow yourself to show weakness among men. Show the power of your word. Let yourself to be supported by others and share your experience with them. Gain energy from connection.

    Playfight sessions

    Open yourself fully to your power and play

    For those who are afraid to open up to their power. For those who miss the joy of playful struggle. Discover the power of your inner warrior. Playfight side to eachother! Discover the natural warrior playfulness within you.

    Concius feelings training

    Live your feelings fully

    Do you want to embrace your feelings, do you want to use them in your life as a source of your energy? Get access and clarity to unleashed power of your feelings.

    Write me a message and we make get to know call.

  • Possibility team




  • Principles

    The way I got to know life through experiencing, and learning from people showed me that the way to be in space has many possibilities. One of the ways to be in a space is to be principles in action.
    These are mine:











  • Inspiration

    Throughout my life I have encountered many approaches how to look and read mankind maps

    and these are the ones which touched me the most.

    Power of the circle

    Joe Provisor

    Everyone creates a story

    World of possibillities

    Clinton Calahan

    Why not to try impossible

    Everyone can teach anyone

    Naučme se